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T Series Lease for Advanced Display Requirements

LED Rental screen

T Series Lease for Advanced Display Requirements

Shenzhen Quality Photoelectric Co.,Ltd. was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China, with a production and operation area of 10,000 square meters.


    Technolgy Parameter

    Dot distance P2.604 P2.98 P3.91 P4.81 P5.95
    Lamp item   SMD1415   SMD1415   SMD1921   SMD1921   SMD2727
    pixel density(dot/m²)   147456   112896   65536   43264   28224
    Module resolution   96X96   84X84   64X64   52X52   42X42
    Module size(width X height)   250X250   250X250   250X250   250X250   250X250
    Cabinet size(mm)   500X500X83   500X500(1000)X83   500X500(1000)X83   500X500(1000)X83   500X500(1000)X83
    Cabinet resolution   192X192   168X168/168X336   128X128/128X256   104X104/104X208   84X84/84X168
    Module construction/cabinet(width X height)   2X2   2X2/2X4   2X2/2X4   2X2/2X4   2X2/2X4
    Cabinet weight(kg)   8.5   8.5/13.5   8.5/13.5   8.5/13.5   8.5/12.5
    maintenance manner   front /rear maintenance    front /rear maintenance    front /rear maintenance  front /rear maintenance    front /rear maintenance
    cabinet material  die-casting aluminium  die-casting aluminium  die-casting aluminium   die-casting aluminium die-casting aluminium
    brightness(Nits)   ≥4500   ≥4500   ≥5000   ≥5000   ≥5500
    colour temperature(K)   1000-18500 adjustable   1000-18500 adjustable   1000-18500 adjustable   1000-18500 adjustable   1000-18500 adjustable
    Viewing angle(horizontal/vertical)   160°/160°   160°/160°   160°/160°   160°/160°   160°/160°
    optimize  viewing distance   3-50m   3-100m   4-150m   4-150m   6-200m
    display colour   68.7 billion   68.7billion   68.7billion   68.7billion   68.7billion
    contrast   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1
    Repetition frequency   50/60   50/60   50/60   50/60   50/60
    Repetition frequency   Constant current driving,1/32 scan Constant current driving,1/28 scan Constant current driving,1/16 scan  Constant current driving,1/13 scan Constant current driving,1/7 scan
    driving manner   16bit   16bit   16bit   16bit   16bit
    Refresh frequency   IP65(front)   IP65(front)   IP65(front)   IP65(front)   IP65(front)
    peak power consumption(W/m²)   800   800   800   800   800
    average power consumption(W/ m²)   200-300   200-300   200-300   200-300   200-300
    Input voltage   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz
    working temperature/humidity range(°C/RH)   -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85% 
    Store temperature/humidity(°C/RH)   -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85% 
    Apply standard CCC/CE/RoHS/FCC/BIS/CB/TUV/IEC

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