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Stadium Screen for Large-Scale Sports Venue Display

LED Fixed screen

Stadium Screen for Large-Scale Sports Venue Display

Screen price: Generally, it includes the box, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc. (The indoor fixed-installed screen can be adsorbed by bracket magnets without the box according to the actual situation);

    The main components of the basketball court screen are as follows:

    1. Screen price: Generally, it includes the box, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc. (The indoor fixed-installed screen can be adsorbed by bracket magnets without the box according to the actual situation);

    2. Control system: Generally, only one sending card is used if the screen is not too large. The receiving card is calculated according to the length and height of the screen. Siweixin Optoelectronics will give an appropriate number to ensure the display effect and cost (special requirements for led Display items can be controlled remotely or wirelessly according to actual requirements).

    3. Main control computer: desktop computers are generally used for fixed installation, and commonly used laptops for rental are used in conjunction with external sending cards;

    4. Video processor of LED display screen: If the information update is not very frequent for the general fixed-installed small screen, it is not necessary to do live broadcast. If it is a large screen or to do live broadcast, it needs to be purchased;

    5. Power distribution cabinet: Although it is cheap to configure in the hardware store, it lacks professionalism. Once it is not done well, it will have a great impact on the life and normal use of the screen. We recommend that customers find professional manufacturers to buy, or buy from us.

    6. Power amplifier and audio: buy according to the installation environment, outdoor needs waterproof, customers can buy it by themselves, or we can provide it together;

    7. Function card: It can provide parameter collection such as temperature, humidity, and brightness, and can realize functions such as automatic brightness adjustment. Recommended customer configuration;

    8. Steel frame structure: Siweixin Optoelectronics provides CAD reference design drawings, which can be produced locally by customers or contracted by manufacturers;

    9. Main cables, etc.: Mainly the cables from the power supply point to the power distribution cabinet, the power distribution cabinet to the screen, and the communication main network cable from the control computer to the main screen, these are generally prepared by the customer. The wires between other screens are provided by us;

    10. Cooling equipment: Generally, there is no need for special cooling equipment indoors in a normal environment. Outdoors, air conditioners and axial fans are generally installed to dissipate heat, so as to improve the stability and life of the display.

    11. Air box: generally only need to be purchased by leasing customers. One air box can have 4-6 display boxes.

    12. Logistics and transportation: The freight is the responsibility of the customer, and it is generally paid by logistics.

    P1.25 Small pixel specification:
    LED Lamp
    Type SMD1010
    Arrangement 1R1G1B
    Brand Epistar
    Chip parameters Red λd:(620-625nm)  IV:(800-960mcd)
    Chip parameters Green λd:(520-525nm)  IV:(1350-1650mcd)
    Chip parameters Blue λd:(470-475nm)  IV:(330-400mcd)
    LED Module
    Pixel Pitch 1.25mm
    Module Resolution 160×120=19200(Dots)
    Module Size 200×150mm
    Module Weight 0.4kg
    LED Cabinet
    Pixel Density  1000000 Dots/㎡
    Module Quanty /Cabinet 2×2=4(Pcs)
    Cabinets Material Steel
    Cabinet Weight 48kg/㎡
    Brightness 7500cd/㎡
    Viewing Angle 120(Horizontal),120(Vertical)
    Nearest Viewing Distance 8m
    Power Consumption (Max) 1200 w/㎡
    Power Consumption (Average) 360 w/㎡
    Display Function Text,Graphics,Video
    Refresh Rate 1000Hz
    Frame Frequency no less than 60 frame/sec
    Power Supplier Taiwan Meanwell
    Input Voltage AC110-220V±10%,50/60Hz
    Output Voltage DC-5V,40A/60A/80A
    Grey Scale Levels 16bit
    Color Processing R(1024)×G(1024)×B(1024)
    Brightness Adjustment 256 color levels,can be adjusted manually and automatically optional
    MTBF( mean time between failures) 5000 hours
    Life-span 100,000 hours
    Protection Level(front/back) IP66/IP54
    Malfunction Dot Rate less than 0.0001
    Working  Temperature -30℃~50℃
    Humidity 15%~85%
    Drive Mode Constant driving 1/30 Scan
    Control System
    Control Mode Asynchronization
    Control System Sending Card, Receiving Card
    Software LED Show 
    Control Card Input DVI,USB,RJ45、HDMI(Sold separately)
    Input Signal AVI/MPG/MPEG/TXT.etc
    PC Operating System Microsoft Windows  and Vista
    Communication Type Net cable, WIFI,USB
    Certificate CE,ROHS,FCC,ISO9001

    Technical Parameters

    Dot distance P2.5 P3 P4 P5 P6 P8 P10
    Lamp item   SMD1415   SMD1921   SMD1921   SMD2727   SMD2727   SMD3535   SMD3535
    pixel density(dot/m²)   160000   111111   62500   40000   27777   15625   10000
    Module resolution   128X64   64X64   80X40   64X32   32X32   40X20   32X16
    Module size(width X height)   320X160   192X192   320X160   320X160   192X192   320X160   320X160
    Cabinet size(mm)   960X960   960X960   960X960   960X960   960X960   960X960   960X960
    Cabinet resolution   384X384   320X320   240X240   192X192   160X160   120X120   96X96
    Module construction/cabinet(width X height)   3X6   5X5   3X6   3X6   5X5   3X6   3X6
    Cabinet weight(kg)   28   28   28   28   28   28   28
    maintenance manner   Rear maintenance   Rear maintenance    Rear maintenance    Rear maintenance    Rear maintenance   Rear maintenance   Rear maintenance
    cabinet material   Magnesium alloy Magnesium alloy   Magnesium alloy   Magnesium alloy   Magnesium alloy   Magnesium alloy  Magnesium alloy
    brightness(Nits)   5000   5000 5000   5000   5000   5500   6500
    colour temperature(K)   1000-18500  adjustable   1000-18500adjustable   1000-18500adjustable   1000-18500adjustable   1000-18500adjustable   1000-18500adjustable   1000-18500adjustable
    Viewing angle(horizontal/vertical)   140°/140°   140°/140°   140°/140°   140°/140°   140°/140°   140°/140°   140°/140°
    optimize  viewing distance   2.5-150m   3-150m   4-200m   5-250m   6-300m   8-300m   9-300m
    display colour   16bit   16bit   16bit   16bit   16bit   16bit   16bit
    contrast   ≥99.8%   ≥99.8%   ≥99.8%   ≥99.8%   ≥99.8%   ≥99.8%   ≥99.8%
    Repetition frequency   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1   5000:1
    Repetition frequency   50/60   50/60   50/60   50/60   50/60   50/60   50/60
    driving manner   Constant current driving,1/32 Scan   Constant current driving,1/ 16 Scan   Constant current driving,1/8 Scan     Constant current driving,1/8 Scan     Constant current driving,1/8 Scan   Constant current driving,1/4 Scan    Constant current driving,1/2 Scan
    Refresh frequency   3840Hz   3840Hz   3840Hz   3840Hz   3840Hz   3840Hz   3840Hz
    peak power consumption(W/m²)   1000   1000   1000   1000   1000   1000   1000
    average power consumption(W/ m²)   200-300   200-300   200-300   200-300   200-300   200-300   200-300
    Input voltage   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz   AC90-264V,47-63Hz
    working temperature/humidity range(°C/RH)   -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85% 
    Store temperature/humidity(°C/RH)    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85%    -20~60°C/10%-85% 
    Apply standard CCC/CE/RoHS/FCC/BIS/CB/TUV/IEC

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